Origin Gin expands single-terroir range

26 August 2016

Gin-loving juniper geeks prepare yourselves, as Origin Gin has expanded its range by 19 varieties – adding more single-botanical gins from around the world to its multicultural portfolio.

The range, which is an exploration of terroir in gin, now has 26 products, with new editions including such varied locations as Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy and Montenegro – all at 46% abv.

Distilled using juniper alone, the juniper in each expression comes from one location, giving the drinker the chance to see how climate, soil and location affects the flavour of the gin.

And if you're interested in seeing how these different junipers stand up to other flavours, each bottle comes with a nifty vial of distilled botanicals, allowing you to transform your bottle into a more traditional-tasting gin.

More locations are said to be joining the range as sources become available.

For the full range of gins, visit the Master of Malt website.

46%, 70cl, Maverick Drinks, trade@maverickdrinks.com

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