OTO launches Europe's first CBD cocktail bitters



19 June 2019

Launching this June, a new ‘first of a Kind’ non-alcoholic cocktail bitters will use the power of CBD to enhance social experiences

  • Guided by nature and backed by science, OTO’s optimum strength product range has been developed by the world leading scientist Dr Ketan Joshi, alongside a team of drinks industry leaders, designers and anthropologists.
  • OTO has partnered with mindful drinking expert and ‘Healthy Hedonist’, Camille Vidal of La Maison Wellness to create a range of no and low-abv cocktails and host a series of events for both trade and consumers.

A new, non-alcoholic cocktail bitters will use the power of CBD to help drinkers relax, connect and 'amplify the moment’ in any social experience.

OTO, a UK-based, independent company that specialises in high-concentration CBD products, will launch Europe’s first CBD cocktail bitters this June for the on and off-trade. The bitters has been developed by a team of industry leaders that includes: the world leading food scientist, Dr. Ketan Joshi;  Antonia Jamison who was a founding director at Sipsmith Gin; fashion designer and managing director of OTO, Gemma Colao; alongside help from James Bagley, CEO of DMD Ventures and formerly of Naked Wines

OTO’s CBD cocktail bitters can be used to enhance cocktails or as a functional and flavourful alternative to alcohol. A single measure of the bitters delivers an effective daily serving of 50mg of cannabidiol (CBD), which is a non-psychoactive extract from the hemp plant that is renowned for its stress and anxiety relieving properties.

OTO was set up in response to a gap in the UK market for high-concentration, effective CBD products. Led by Dr. Ketan Joshi, who headed up innovation and R&D for global firms such as Unilever, Mars, Danone and Heineken, the OTO team undertook extensive research and trials in order to determine the optimum quantity of CBD for each product – called OTO StrengthTM. With OTO StrengthTM, consumers are assured of getting the maximum and inherent benefit of this natural product that is used to help treat ailments including anxiety and stress and can help the user feel more present and in the moment.

One of the drawbacks of CBD is that its oil-based, which means it means it has to travel through the digestive tract before entering the bloodstream. To overcome the ‘low-bioavailability’, OTO’s scientists have developed a unique technique to increase the water solubility of the CBD in Bitters that aims to further improve its effectiveness.

Recent consumer trials conducted by OTO showed that regular use of their optimum strength CBD products helped reduce anxiety in 86% of respondents, while 67% said it helped them to feel less fatigued and boosted their energy levels.*

The bitters are made from completely natural ingredients. They combine pure CBD from organically grown hemp plants with a top secret mix of botanical extracts. Botanicals have been selected to complement the effects of CBD, such as: liquorice which is widely used in Chinese medicine to help stress; cardamom which is  filled with antioxidant properties that help reduce anxiety and other mood disorders; and Cacao which improves mood, calmness and contentment. The resulting flavour profile is herbaceous, citrus and with a hint of floral.

Antonia Jamison, director of OTO, says:

“We are delighted to be launching Europe’s first CBD cocktail bitters.

“The drinks market is entering a really interesting stage where the non-alcoholic alternatives are now just as exciting and complex as their alcoholic counterparts. However, just because people are adopting a more balanced approach to drinking, doesn’t mean that they don’t need a bracer to help them unwind and socialise. This is where OTO’s non-alcoholic CBD bitters come in.

“At OTO, our aim is to create the world’s finest CBD experiences. Sadly, too many products on the market contain ineffective levels of CBD to have any real impact, which is why we spent a lot of time determining the optimum strength. Adding OTO’s CBD bitters will help people to feel ‘in the moment’. It’s not about losing yourself, it’s about connecting to the present, the experience and the people around you.

“Not only do OTO’s optimum strength CBD bitters offer an enjoyable and functional alternative to alcohol, they can also enhance a night of drinking. Preliminary studies have shown that CBD protects against the neurodegeneration associated with alcohol consumption. The natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may also help protect the liver from alcohol-generated oxidative stress. That could mean less stress on the body long-term, and even less intense hangovers the next day”

With an increasing number of people adopting more balanced lifestyles, OTO is partnering with the mindful drinking expert and ‘Healthy Hedonist’ Camille Vidal of La Maison Wellness to create signature range of no and low- abv OTO CBD cocktails (see notes to editors) and run a number of events for both industry and consumers.

Camille, who was named Best International Brand Ambassador 2017 at Tales of the Cocktail and as ‘one of Forbes’ leading women in the drinks industry’  says:

“I’m incredibly excited to be working with OTO on the launch of Europe’s first CBD cocktail bitters. I’m really excited by CBD as a category and its potential within the mindful drinking movement.

“Mindful drinking doesn’t mean abstaining from alcohol, but instead it is about having the options to create a balanced life and empowering people to make the decisions that work for them”

“OTO's CBD bitters allows me to create an enjoyable cocktail experience even when the customer isn't drinking alcohol, making the cocktails delicious and with purpose.”

OTO launched in March 2018 with a luxury range of 20% CBD pulse point oils. Their products are designed to become a part of the consumer’s daily rituals and fall under three pillars: Focus, Amplify and Balance. Each pillar - or moment - is designed to complement  the natural rhythm of the day. The CBD bitters are part of the Amplify collection of products which are designed for social experiences.

OTO will also soon be launching three distinct ready to drink (RTD) 50mg CBD shots, which will fall under each of the three pillars. As part of their wellness collection, they are also launching a 30% CBD pillow mist and a collection skincare products in July.

OTO CBD Bitters are available for both the on and off trade and are available to pre-order now from https://otocbd.com/bitters.html. RRP is £98

For sales enquiries and wholesale prices please contact Gemma@otocbd.com or visit www.otocbd.com for more information.

Follow OTO on Instagram at @OTO_CBD


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