Our/Vodka introduces four DIY infusion kits to 'allow anyone to play bartender'

05 September 2017

Our/Vodka is introducing four DIY infusion kits to 'allow anyone to play bartender'. Sourced from across the globe, oak, juniper, citrus and tea are the first to be rolled out by the 'global brand made by local people' under the watchful eye of Pernod Ricard.

'Within the bartender community we’ve seen endless creativity over the last couple of years. Everyone adds their own personal touch to their cocktail ingredients,' Kalle Söderquist, co-founder and creative director of Our/Vodka, said.

Our/Oak Infusion is described as an oak-flavoured botanical blend with a taste of warm toasted oak, sweet vanilla and a hint of smoke. It requires 8-15 hours infusion time. The juniper offering will need the same. Our/Citrus Infusion has notes of lemon and grapefruit and needs a mere 10 minutes infusion time. The same can be said for the Classic Earl Our/ Tea Infusion, a bergamot-flavoured tea blend from Paper & Tea with hint of leather and caramel.

'Combined with an urban DIY trend when it comes to everything food and drink, we believe that the range of Our/Infusion kits are changing the spirits industry by helping the end consumer to create something entirely new from a bottle of Our/Vodka,' Söderquist added.

£24, Hi-Spirits, 01932 252 100

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