Peychaud's releases aperitivo

Gaëlle Laforest

23 June 2016

Peychaud's has branched out of small bottles, but it's keeping to the bitter realm, with the launch of its new Aperitivo.

The brand has said that this can help it to tap into the trend for lower-abv drinks, but the new product is also positioned as an ingredient to mix with.

It's super orange-forward at first, before a herbal bitterness comes to the fore, bringing aromas of thyme, wormwood and citrus peel. At 11% abv, the palate is gentle and very sweet, with orange notes mostly; the bitterness is, at first, quite discreet on the finish, before building up slightly.

Peychaud's Aperitivo is currently being trialled in some select bars, including PortSide Parlour in London and The Bon Vivant in Edinburgh, before being rolled out nationally later this year.

The Bon Vivant's bar manager Miran Chauhan said: 'Peychaud’s has always been a bartender’s favourite, so an aperitivo from the same brand is obviously exciting. I was a little apprehensive, but it surpassed my expectations. It’s adaptable and very easy to work with, allowing plenty of freedom of expression when mixing with other spirits and liquids.'

Peychaud's suggests using it in simple drinks such as the 'Peygroni' (no prizes for guessing how to make this), or a classic Spritz, while Chauhan went for a slightly twisted Sazerac, using Buffalo Trace and cognac, with absinthe paper (whatever the hell that is) and Peychaud's aperitivo.

Price TBC, Hi-Spirits, 01932 252 100


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