Pierres Dorées to start Pinot deluge in Coteaux Bourguignon?

Chris Losh

Chris Losh

23 February 2017

Burgundy négociant Louis Latour has launched a Pinot Noir from Beaujolais that it believes could be a game-changer for the region.

Les Pierres Dorées comes from vineyards at the southern end of Beaujolais, currently classified as Coteaux Bourguignons. The INAO, however, is currently analysing the land to see whether it might be reclassified to permit Pinot Noirs to carry the Bourgogne Rouge appellation.

‘The terroir is limestone and clay,’ company CEO Louis-Fabrice Latour, told Imbibe. ‘It should be in the Burgundy appellation.’

Some 60km south of the most southerly vineyards of Burgundy, the region is markedly warmer than the Cotes de Nuits.

‘It’s fun for us to go south,’ said Latour.  ‘We get more ripeness than in Burgundy, and at 350m of altitude we get acidity too. It’s a very modern wine.’

Currently, the négociant has 20ha of Pinot Noir vines in the region, though Latour expects this to increase to ’50 or 60’ hectares in the near future – something which he believes could open the floodgates for revitalising the region.

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