Pink gin sales to spike this Valentine's Day, says WSTA

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

14 February 2019

If you’re planning on selling many a pink drink on Valentine’s Day, you’re not alone. The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA) has predicted that this most romantic of holidays will see an increase in the sales of pink liquids, particularly gin, building on its growth over the past year.

Total gin sales reached over £1.9 billion in 2018, and the WSTA has attributed much of this success to the influx of flavoured and pink expressions on the market.

Indeed, flavoured gins were responsible for more than half of all growth in gin sales in the last recorded 12 months. Meanwhile, nearly three-quarters of flavoured gin’s growth was led by pink gin.

According to the WSTA, pink gin’s success has to do with the spirit’s highly Instagrammable nature, as well as the sheer number of pink gins now on offer.

‘There is no doubt that the pink category has benefited by consumers’ love for sharing vibrant, colourful drink trends on social media,’ said Mike Beale, chief executive of the WSTA.

‘The introduction of new products has helped boost the pink category, and Valentine’s Day will no doubt see another pink spike.’


Rethinking pink gin

Think all pink gins have to be fruity and saccharine? Think again. These love-coloured liquids prove that pink gin isn’t all strawberries and sugar

Stockholms Bränneri Pink Gin

Swedish brand Stockholms Bränneri launched its trio of gins in the UK late last year, and this pink one is the most vibrant of the bunch. It foregoes the sweetness that many pink gins embrace and opts for a classic dry character. Still, it features a few whimsical ingredients – think rhubarb, rose petals and lingonberries – alongside more traditional gin botanicals, to lend it a delicate flavour and, of course, its signature colour.

40% abv, POA, Emporia Brands, 01483 458700

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin

German bitters producer The Bitter Truth based the recipe for its pink gin on early renditions of the spirit, which gained a rosy hue from bitters rather than fruit. The company flavours its gin with bitters formulated especially for the expression. The result? A liquid that boasts a floral nose, which gives way to a palate of candied pineapple, cherries, minty eucalyptus, piney juniper and a powdery, drying texture.

40% abv, RRP £37/70cl, Love Drinks, 0207 501 9630

Boutique-y Proper Pink Gin

With its Proper Pink Gin, Boutique-y follows the same traditional approach as Bitter Truth, infusing the juniper spirit with Angostura bitters and gentian tincture rather than turning to fruit or flowers. The resulting liquid is bold, dry and spicy, with hints of lemon zest and mint – and yes, its colour is still incredibly Insta-friendly.

46% abv, RRP £29.95, Maverick Drinks, 01892 888 443

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