Plantation Rum launches two new Extrême Rums

29 November 2017

At Imbibe, we're more than partial to a Plantation Daiquiri or two, so we're pleased to hear that Maison Ferrand and rum master blender Alexandre Gabriel have released two limited-edition aged rums into the Plantation portfolio.

Part of the successful Extrême Rum collection, the rums – Plantation Fiji 2001 Extrême N°2 and Plantation Guyana 1999 Extrême N°2 – are the latest expression, following on from the 2016 release of Plantation St. Lucia 2005 Extrême N°1, Trinidad 2002 Extrême N°1 and Plantation Barbados 2005 Extrême N°1.

The first, Plantation Guyana 1999 Extrême N°2, is from the now-closed Uitvlugt Distillery, and was distilled in the Port Mourant pot still in March 1999. Following distillation, the rum was aged in Guyana for 15 years in bourbon casks. But it doesn't end there. After 15 long years the rum was then sent to France to be aged for an additional three years in cognac casks.

We've heard the liquid is very fruity on the nose, with aromas of raisins, sultanas, cherry, mango, yellow peach and gentle herbal and spice notes of sage, tobacco, pepper and cinnamon. On the palate, woody, spicy and nutty, followed by fresh fruit flavours of papaya, medlar and citrus. The rum packs a punch at 59.7% abv.

The second expression, Plantation Fiji 2001 Extrême N°2 (61.1% abv), is from the South Pacific distillery, first distilled in pot stills in March 2001. From there, it then spent 13.5 years ageing in bourbon casks in Fiji, before again, being transported to France for 2.5 more years of ageing in cognac casks.

The rum is said to be intense on the nose, with initial aromas of varnish and wood, leading to an almost meaty profile, with cooked pear, flambéed banana and peach. On the palate, it is described as being rich and fatty, reminiscent of peated malt whisky with woody and smoky notes, vanilla fudge, hazelnut and cocoa.

Liking the sounds of them? You'll need to get in there quickly, as both are some of the rarest ever made by Gabriel, with only 1,000 bottles of Guyana and 500 bottles of Fiji currently available...

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