Poetic License Distillery brings Picnic Gin back in time for Summer

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

28 March 2017

The clocks changed on Sunday and the splendour of summer is nearly upon us, bringing with it a heady cocktail of powdered gold sunshine, ripening roses and green lawns rippling under a gentle breeze.

Well, in truth, we might get a couple of sunny days amid the torrential downpours. But it is nice to optimistically fill one’s head with poetic notions of the great British summer, and nothing is more quintessentially British-summery than strawberries and cream.

Enter Picnic Gin, flavoured with none other than strawberries and cream. Picnic Gin taps into a rose-tinted notion of the great British summer as a pastoral paradise, and it is created by the perfectly named Poetic License Distillery.

Like the team behind Collagin, Poetic License Distillery also loves a pun and is using the strapline ‘let the summer be-Gin’ to accompany the launch.

‘Picnic Gin was a much-loved tipple for many during the summer 2016, but since we stopped making it last September, we’ve had countless enquiries about it,’ said managing director Mark Hird. ‘So we thought we’d give the people what they want and bring the Picnic Gin back, and what better time than as we move into the warmer seasons?’

Poetic License Distillery promises the 50cl bottle contains ‘the true taste of British summertime’. No poetic license needed there.

It is said to be a beautifully sweet gin, creamy in texture and in taste, with a strong fruity nose as well as more typical gin notes of juniper, coriander and orris root.

‘The spirit’s red appearance is achieved by both distilling and infusing the key botanicals,’ said distiller Luke Smith. ‘In this case dried strawberries impart the colour. We were keen to ensure that it remained very much a gin so it is juniper-forward and there is no sugar used in the distillation, which means that although it is a sweet drink, it does not enter the realms of a liqueur, not least because the abv is 37.5%. If you try to drink this like you would a liqueur, you will soon notice.’

Pic credit: Simon Bradfield

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