Portobello Road launches 'world's first' pechuga gin

12 October 2017

One of our favourite local London gins is launching its third Portobello Road Director's Cut, and this one is distilled with turkey breast... yep, you heard right.

Created by master distiller and director Jake Burger, Director's Cut No3 is thought to be the world's first pechuga gin. The gin is created by a process used by Mexico's mezcal producers whereby a chicken or turkey breast is suspended over the still, cooking in the vapours and adding subtle flavour to the spirit.

Redistilling Portobello Road Gin's original 171 blend in a 400l copper alembic still, the new blend includes organic raw turkey breast and a combination of 13 botanicals – apples, pears, plums, currants, raisins, sultanas, apricots, brown rice, passion fruit, cinnamon, cassia bark, nutmeg and mace. If that isn't enough, it was all harvested personally by Burger on Grenada's Spice Island.

'My love for gin is matched equally by my passion for tequila and mezcal; and so for the third installment in our Director's Cut series it was a natural choice for me to look across the Atlantic and take inspiration from our Mexican spirit producing brothers and sisters,' said Burger on the reasons behind the new edition.

'As the alcohol vapours pass through the turkey breast during distillation they add something almost indefinable to the gin, you wouldn’t really say it was turkey flavoured gin, the flavour is very subtle, and whilst it adds it also takes away, absorbing some of the more intense fruit flavours and stopping them from overwhelming the taste of the gin.'

However, it hasn't happened just yet, with distillation date set for 25 October at Portobello Road Gin's The Distillery. Burger will be joined by industry heavyweights for the occasion, with the gin available to purchase from 1 November.

£35/70cl, portobelloroadgin.com, 020 3034 2233

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