Funkin teams up with The Bitter Truth to create the Kelapa Swizzle

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

04 August 2017

Funkin has joined forces with The Bitter Truth to create the Kelapa Swizzle, a Tiki cocktail starring Funkin’s newest purée, Funkin Pro Coconut Purée, and The Bitter Truth’s Golden Falernum Liqueur.

Officially launched at Imbibe Live last month, Funkin sits down with us to talk about how the creation of this cocktail came about.

How did The Bitter Truth partnership come about?

‘Funkin has always worked closely with its spirits partners, whether that’s to develop cocktails, create joint promotions or come up with solutions for shared customers. We are currently working on a number of projects with The Bitter Truth and its portfolio of bitters and liqueurs.’

Talk to us about the inspiration.

‘Whilst looking at cocktail serves for the new Funkin Pro Coconut Purée, we naturally explored Tiki-style cocktails because of their taste profile. Tiki is experiencing a resurgence, which is being driven by venues such as Trailer Happiness and The Liars Club, Manchester.

‘The Bitter Truth’s Golden Falernum Liqueur is essentially Tiki in a bottle and it was the perfect ingredient to bring our Kelapa Swizzle to life. We love the product so much we have now made it available on our Funkin Loyalty Scheme along with a number of others products from The Bitter Truth range.’

Where does the name Kelapa Swizzle come from?

‘The Indonesian word Kelapa is a nod to where we source all of our coconuts and in this swizzle style cocktail we have combined our coconut purée with The Bitter Truth’s Golden Falernum Liqueur to give a creamy, tropical, Tiki flavour twist to the classic Piña Colada. Throughout the summer, Funkin is holding Kelapa Swizzle parties in key accounts across the UK to introduce this new cocktail to consumers. Stay tuned.

‘The Kelapa Swizzle will also be served at events such as London Cocktail Week, Tiki By The Sea in Italy and Bar Convent Berlin. But if you can’t be at any of these, here are the specs to create it yourself.’


Kelapa Swizzle


35ml Funkin Pro Coconut Purée

25ml Funkin Pro Pineapple Purée

10ml Funkin Pro Pure Pour Lime

10ml Funkin Pro Ginger Syrup

20ml The Bitter Truth Golden Falernum Liqueur

35ml Coconut rum

Method: Half fill a glass with crushed ice and build all ingredients. Swizzle/stir the drink with a swizzle stick or bar spoon and top with more crushed ice

Garnish: Pineapple leaf


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