Quinine Gin launched to support malaria charity

20 August 2015

Drinking G&Ts can technically help you to avoid getting malaria*, but it doesn't prevent others from contracting the disease. At least, until now.

Launched today, new 1897 Quinine Gin supports the Malaria No More UK charity, and honours Nobel laureate Sir Ronald Ross' work in fighting the disease. Ross was responsible for discovering, on this day in 1897, the role that mosquitoes play in transmitting malaria, making it possible to develop preventative measures. As a result, today's known as World Mosquito Day, which is not quite as much fun as Piña Colada day, as it turns out...

With this new gin, antimalarial quinine crosses the floor from the realm of tonic, and into gin. The spirit gets its quinine from the traditional source, cinchona bark, which is vacuum distilled. Other botanicals include both pink and white grapefruit, cassia and liquorice. In addition to that fresh citrus oil note, there's some earthy, woody spice aromas (a main characteristic of the quinine distillate on its own), leading to a sweet yet fresh palate with a good hit of herbal bitterness to finish. In brief, it tastes of gin and altruism, and if made into a Martini would definitely make you feel better about yourself. And as a bonus, the packaging is very cool.

Over 50% of profits, the equivalent of more than £5 per bottle, will go to Malaria No More UK. The charity can buy, deliver and hang a mosquito net for £5. Child deaths as a result of malaria, according to the charity, have halved in the last 15 years, but the disease apparently still kills one child a minute. Now you can help to reduce that by getting a few bottles for your bar.

45.8% abv, £39.95 RRP, Master of Malt

Visit Malaria No More UK's website for more information about the charity.

* Not really. Not any more. Don't try this at home.

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