Quotes of the Year: 20 best comments from Imbibe 2017

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

02 January 2018

You said it. Don't blame us...

‘I used to say Château Pape du Neuf. No one corrected me.’ Sam Ameye, Bar Swift

‘The only thing Baijiu goes with is yak.’ Dave Broom, spirits guru

‘The on-trade have been apologists for the region, simply listing champagne on the basis of the best deal.’ Hamish Anderson

‘Bartenders are renowned for making up terrible, terrible bullshit,’ Charles Pashby-Taylor, ex Dabbous and captain of the somm team in Bartenders v Sommeliers

This Frosecco fruck-up follows hot on the heels of that of the other semi-liquid disgrace, the ‘frosé.’ Chris Losh, Imbibe

There is that view that you have to be out every single night, but your personal life can’t be your work life as well.’ Ali Burgess, Happiness Forgets

‘Have you ever had a camel milk cocktail?... It knocked the shit out of any other type of milk I’ve ever tried. Get out of here rice, soya or almond. Smoky, sour, full-throttle camel’s milk. Like Missy Elliot in the 90s. And definitely not one for Bieber fans.’ Danil Nevsky, Cocktails for you

‘Google’s first choice to the start of my question “why do brewers…” auto-filled as “why do brewers have beards?”’ Jane Peyton BS

‘A great bar team is like a great football team: talented people playing in their natural position.’ Jonathan Downey

‘Don’t be offended or assume you’re great at everything, or you’ll be blind and make shit drinks.’ Jamie Jones, Scotch + Limon

‘One drink could change your life, so why not?’ Kaitlyn Stewart, Royal Dinette

‘I was recently features in a print ad for electric razors for Panasonic. I thought that was funny because I don’t have much of a beard.’ Michito Kaneko, Lamp Bar

‘Lucifer and the Ice Maiden combined to make 2017 an odd year in Europe.’ Simon Woods, journalist

‘Humankind cannot live by spirits and beer alone, there must also be wine.’ Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller

'I was at a very trendy bar in Copenhagen where they make a lot of their own tinctures. We had a cocktail sprayed with beaver's anal gland.' Charlie Young, Vinoteca


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