Raise the Bar Glasgow and The Clan Brewing collaborate to create craft beer cocktails

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

18 June 2020

Cocktail events and hospitality consultancy company Raise the Bar Glasgow has partnered with The Clan Brewing Co. to develop a range of eight craft beer cocktails

The cocktails were created by Raise the Bar's co-founder and director Dillon Barrie using the brewery's range of single malt whisky-casks-aged beers.

'There’s layer and layer of flavour in these beers, and they actually lend themselves very well to cocktails,' Barrie said. 'Lagers and more recently IPAs feature in cocktails like the Lagerita but really they’re just there to top up the drink or maybe help balance other flavours. With this new range of craft beer cocktails, these beers, which all have their own unique and distinctive character, are at the heart of the creation.'

The four beers used in the cocktails, all clocking in at 8% abv and matured for a minimum of 12 months in whisky cask, are: Spruce Ale (Islay whisky casks); Imperial Stout (Lowland whisky casks); Red Rye Ale (Speyside whisky casks); and Golden Ale (Highland whisky Casks).

'With the devastation caused by Covid-19 hitting the on-trade,' commented Chris Miller, CEO of The Clan Brewing Co, 'many of us are deeply worried about the future of the industry. But it’s important to keep driving onwards, to diversify, to innovate and to challenge. Innovations such as craft beer cocktails are something we hope will help to entice people back into bars; while the bars that are seen to mix things up and come up with fresh ideas will surely be the bars that people return to.'

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