Reinvent your Champagne offer for Global Champagne Day this Friday (23 October) – and beyond

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

21 October 2020

A new step-by-step video guide to help bars and restaurants stand out from the crowd and add value to their Champagne sales has been launched

The videos have been created by the Champagne Bureau UK and the Comité Champagne and are available to view via this link:

Each focuses on one simple, creative idea that will add excitement and theatre to any Champagne offer; generate social media content and engagement, and lure in new, younger drinkers to Champagne.

The ideas centre around these five themes: 

  • Aroma
  • Garnishes 
  • Volume 
  • Food Pairing 
  • Side-Car cocktail

Each concept allows for innovation around the Champagne serve without having to mix the wine in cocktails, says the Comité Champagne. This ‘preserves that iconic Champagne taste consumers know, love and pay for while elevating the presentation’.

You can watch all five of the videos via this link at any time.

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