Robinsons introduces Robohop

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

09 June 2017

The general election has returned a hung parliament and pressing questions abound today: is this the end of a hard Brexit? Could unpopular austerity measures now be tempered?

But equally pressing is this: what is the future of blonde, zesty ale? A philosophical question that has plagued the greatest scholars throughout the ages. Well, now Robinsons Brewery in Cheshire has the answer.

It proudly presents Robohop, billed as the future of blonde, zesty ale. This 3.6% abv seasonal brew takes inspiration from the ultraviolent 1987 satirical film from Paul Verhoeven and arrives with a hybrid of American and English hops, which have been engineered to create a strong, blonde, triple hop flavour.

Wherever thirst is detected, Robohop works with the prime directive to deliver zesty, citrus and pine notes, giving drinkers a refreshing ale to indulge in, says the brewery.

Robinsons is also behind Iron Maiden’s Trooper ale, which has taken the nation by storm since its release a couple of years ago, and it calls itself 'one of the most advanced and sophisticated breweries in the UK'.

Gill Yates, brand manager for Robinsons Brewery, says: ‘For our latest seasonal beer, Robohop, we decided to continue to play on our popular TV and film series theme, as from our customer’s feedback we know just how well this works.

‘We wanted to provide our customers with a brand new blonde zesty ale that they find fun and exciting to drink, and one that they can relate to and have conversations about. We designed the pump clip to resemble Robocop himself, with a focus on his silver helmet, and I must say, it really does look great on the bar alongside our other beers.

‘We’ve had some wonderful feedback at Robinsons Visitors Centre about the liquid itself and about the innovative pump clip design, and we hope that everybody gets a chance to enjoy this fantastic seasonal beer.’

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