Roederer goes back to Nature

Julie Sheppard

Julie Sheppard

14 September 2016

Champagne Louis Roederer has released the second edition of its limited-production zero dosage wine, Brut Nature 2009. A collaboration between the maison and designer Philippe Stark, it represents a departure from the usual house style in both taste and design.

'This is, without doubt, the least Roederer in style of all our champagnes, as well as the most modern,' said chef de cave Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon. 'It offered us the perfect opportunity to move away from our usual habits and shake up our practices.'

The 2009 replaces the inaugural 2006 vintage and is a blend of one-third Chardonnay, with two-thirds Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir. The latter grapes are sourced from 10ha of vines on the south-facing slopes of Cumières, which are farmed biodynamically. The terroir of the site is expressed particularly in hot years (such as 2006 and 2009), when the dense clay soils become warmer.

'We came up with the idea of making a fresh cuvée from clay soils in a sunny year. In order to achieve this we did exactly the opposite of what we normally do with a new cuvée; we started with the idea of the finished product and worked back,' explained Lécaillon.

The nose kicks off with some really vibrant citrus aromas: bright lemon and also richer marmalade and nutty hints, plus delicate floral notes. While the pure, mineral palate has a saline note that would be great with oysters.
RRP £80, Maisons Marques et Domaines, 020 8812 3380

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