Rum's growth shows no signs of slowing, says WSTA

30 April 2019

Rum is on a roll, according to the latest figures released by the the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

Last year, rum’s UK market share was second only to gin. Nearly 35 million bottles were sold, worth over £1 billion, a remarkable figure considering that spirit sales for the entire country totaled £11 billion. 

‘British drinkers have more choice than ever before when it comes to rum,’ commented Miles Bale, chief executive of the WSTA. ‘Craft spirits are "of the moment’" and an increasing number of artisanal spirits producers are crafting their own interpretations of [rum] often alongside their gin range.’

Bale also highlighted that the chancellor’s decision to freeze spirit duty last autumn played a key part in supporting rum’s growth and that it’s being vital to ‘ensure that the craft spirits boom can continue’.

A significant growth in sales of 'golden' and 'dark' rum has characterised the on-trade sector. Golden rum's share in particular has increased by a noticeable seven per cent, with its market now worth £374 million.

The total number of rum brands is also on the rise, with an ever-increasing amount of drink businesses tapping into the trend. The WSTA highlighted that there are now 200 rum brands on the UK market, as opposed to only 50 in 2006.

‘Most new brands rely on bulk imports,’ pointed out Dan Buckland, co-founder of Drum & Black Rum Co. ‘I am looking forward to seeing more distilleries open here in the UK. As with the gin movement, this is when we will start to see real creativity in the craft of new British brands.’

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