Say hello to Bon Vivant tonic syrup

19 April 2017

New product alert: American Beverage Marketers' Bon Vivant Tonic Syrup has come to the UK.

The latest product from the cocktail ingredient specialists was created in partnership with drinks industry heavyweight, Giuseppe Gallo, and is said to be a versatile product for bartenders.

Available now, the tonic syrup gives bartenders the chance to add that delicious quinine flavour to cocktails, without having to add actual tonic water - genius right? In development for two years, the creators took inspiration from the original formula of the Dutch West India Company and can also be used as a base for homemade tonic water.

Made using natural quinine from the Congo's cinchona bark and Californian and Argentinian lemons, Bon Vivant is said to have a refreshing, crisp flavour, rounded off with a bitter finish – perfect for gin.

'We are very excited to be launching Bon Vivant Tonic Syrup to the on-trade, especially at a time when we have seen a trend for lower-abv cocktails gain traction, as well as a more considered approach to alcohol-free offerings,' said Gallo.

'We hope that bartenders will be able to offer a more unique, authentic tonic water option, as well as opening up new flavour profile opportunities in mixed drinks. As a cocktail ingredient it can be used in sour classics such as an Aviation or White Lady instead of sugar, and there is the opportunity for bartenders to experiment with their own infusions and serves.'

Renowned bartender Simone Caporale also commented, 'Whereas before you might have had to use lots of different elements to create a drink, the use of Bon Vivant Tonic Syrup creates an interesting complexity using just one ingredient, opening up avenues of creativity for bartenders to explore.'

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