Sekforde launches tequila mixer to revamp agave spirits’ highball serve

Jane Ryan

22 March 2018

 Gin has its tonic, whisky its ginger ale, but apart from lashings of citrus, tequila and mezcal have traditionally lacked a quaffable partner to serve them long. Enter Sekforde Drink’s new mixer, designed specifically with these vegetal agave spirits in mind.

Sekforde Drinks, already with botanical mixers for rum, whisky and gin on the market, has turned its attention to tequila and mezcal as the agave category continues to pick up traction with drinkers. The light and effervescent blend of prickly pear, fig and spiced chocolate bitters is being launched with the hope it will open up the category to a wider audience.

“We aren't huge fans of the tonic with tequila pairing and, while citrus is great, there are already plenty of options there,” co-founder Talula White told Imbibe. ‘We approached the flavour matching with a view to making something subtler, less sweet and focussing more on complementing the spirit and its unique flavour profiles.’

While the mixer category is growing, most companies have focused their attention on developing different flavours – Fever Tree has six different flavours of tonic alone – as opposed to looking to the base spirit first.

Sekforde for Tequila’s particular recipe came about after husband and wife team Talula and Tom White went around London bars to see what was being done with the category.

‘One of the most interesting for us was a cocktail using roasted pineapple at the Blind Pig,’ said Talula. ‘We didn't end up including pineapple in the final recipe, but we found the way its sugars deepened with the roasting process very interesting with the subtle smok sweetness in agave, and the final recipe uses some similar ideas for flavour matching.’

The mixer, as with Sekforde’s other styles, is low in sugar and comes in at under 40 calories for a 200ml serve.

With the prickly pear and fig delivering a slightly vegetal understated sweetness, and the chocolate bitters integrating well with spicy notes and even drawing out any caramel or vanilla from an oak aging, the mixer turns the spirit into a session-able long drink.

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