Serve alcohol-free beer on draught with Blade



25 June 2019

  • Heineken 0.0 will be widely available on draught for the first time using HEINEKEN’s innovative Blade®system; enabling operators to tap into the booming low and no category
  • With 50% of consumers choosing to moderate their alcohol intake and 93% preferring draught beer vs. packaged, Heineken 0.0 on draught presents a huge commercial opportunity for licensees
  • HEINEKEN has successfully trialled serving alcohol-free beer on draught across 60 outlets from September to December 2018, resulting in on average 20 pints sold per week - a ROS increase of 6:1 versus packaged


Marking a new era in the history of draught, alcohol-free beer is now widely available on tap, having previously been restricted to bottled format, thanks to the launch of Heineken 0.0 on Blade.

With 93% of all beer in the UK consumed on draught format, and the average price of a pint of beer having risen by 42p over the last four years, the launch of Heineken 0.0 on Blade represents a significant sales opportunity for operators.

Blade is a cutting-edge beer system that allows outlets to serve a freshly poured pint of draught beer, without the need for a cellar and traditional equipment. All that’s required to pour the perfect pint is a countertop and plug. What’s more, with a small A4 sized footprint, Blade can be quickly and easily set up, with no installation or maintenance costs incurred.


With 50% of consumers now moderating their alcohol intake and 15% more likely to visit pubs if a broader range of non-alcoholic options were available, Heineken 0.0 on Blade creates a significant opportunity for operators to benefit from the booming low & no category.

Not only are licensees able to harness additional sales from consumers who may have not otherwise visited their outlet, but with Heineken 0.0 on Blade delivering an improved drinking experience, consumers are likely to stay longer and revisit for a second pint. This repeat purchase at a higher price point results in additional sales and ultimately increased profits for operators choosing to range Heineken 0.0 on Blade.

Following a successful four-month trial, across 60 outlets, Heineken 0.0 on Blade saw a sales uplift of 20 pints per week, delivering a ROS increase of 6:1 versus packaged, demonstrating the increased demand for more mindful options as customers choose toLive Better.Heineken 0.0 on Blade will now be installed across 3,000 outlets nationwide this year.


Trialist, Stuart Green, manager of The Cabbage Patch, London, discusses the impact Heineken 0.0 on Blade has had on their outlet; “The industry is changing, there is a bigger demand for an alcohol-free beer and if we are all being honest previous products were pretty poor and garnered a negative perception from drinkers. When HEINEKEN released Heineken 0.0 on Blade, we took it on as a trial and it has absolutely flown, the demand from the consumers has far exceeded our expectations. We are now selling 60-80 pints per week in addition to our existing packaged sales, of 1-3 cases per week. It’s a really good product, it drives better margin and it gives my customers a much better experience.”


Head of Blade at HEINEKEN UK, Otto Esser, comments; “The ability to serve draught beer without requiring a cellar or lines has been a revolutionary step for the beer and cider category and one that we are proud to be leading. Building on Blade’s success, we are excited to be extending its range of beers to include Heineken 0.0. With the trend for moderation on the rise, there couldn’t be a better time to launch.”


Operators can boost their businesses with Heineken 0.0 on Blade today. Contact your beer supplier to obtain some fantastic deals on Blade.

Existing customers should visit to place orders and manage your account.

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