Seven ideas to help hospitality survive Coronavirus shut-down



17 March 2020

Mark McCulloch is one of the leading food, drink and hospitality brand and marketing minds in world. With Government advice now for people to stay away from bars, pubs and restaurants, here's some of his thoughts on things you can still do...

In his 20-year hospitality marketing career Mark McCulloch has worked with operators from Tesco to Drake & Morgan and is considered an expert on marketing and brand building in the on-trade. So where best to turn for advice in these unprecedented times. Here's some ideas for marketing that you can still do, even if people are staying away.

  1. Push delivery and collection if people want low / no contact. 
  2. Push gift vouchers for those who have booked but may cancel and those who want to support.
  3. Be proactive about contacting those who have booked and try to confirm / land a future date / gift voucher.
  4. Create Just Giving page for your true brand fans who will want to see you stay in business / send your team a tip to say thanks.
  5. Push how you can serve your local community best in the next 12 weeks. Can your venue adapt into something else for the short term or have a dual focus. Click and collect, offer essentials you can get through your wholesale suppliers, if really empty can you become a testing centre / medical facility?
  6. Can you help support local NHS, Emergency Services, Carers, Teachers if possible?
  7. Can you send out hampers / packs to those in need / older people who are more in need than most?

Action these across all your media channels – owned, paid and earned. Mostly via social, in-venue, digitally (website, email database, text) and good old fashioned phone.

Overall, try to... – Be Positive, Be Kind and Be Yourself – it is why they love you anyway. And definitely stay away from seeming opportunistic and judge the level of laughs / jokes you put out there, this is serious for many. 

If you wanna chat or are unsure what to do. Give Mark a shout @supersonic_inc (Twitter and Instagram) or email

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