Shipwreck-inspired rum from St Abbs

27 February 2017

The background story to new St Abbs Reserve Caribbean Rum is an interesting one, and well worth exploring.

There’s inspiration drawn from the 19th century, with a story about the shipwreck of the St Abbs off the Seychelles coast, which stranded its cargo of Caribbean rum, and some presumably quite drunken surviving sailors, ashore.

Then there’s the more recent story of two men meeting in the Seychelles and teaming up to create their own range of rums.

But it’s the spirits themselves that have the best stories. Take the Captain’s Table XO, for example, a blend of 10 rums from Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica, further matured in 200-litre casks. Or the Cask Silver, with its base of unaged molasses spirit, an addition of Trinidadian cask rum, and finished with some charcoal filtration.

And finally, Six Spice, which, as the name says, combines six trade route spices with the Cask Silver, along with some dark caramel.

Something for everyone then, and with a good story to tell while serving it to them.

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