Smokey Monkey launched exclusively to meet bartender demand

02 August 2017

A Monkey Shoulder that's 100% made for mixing has been released by the lads and lasses from William Grant & Sons.

Smokey Monkey, an all-new peaty malt, has been designed to 'open up a whole new world of smoky whisky cocktails'. The new liquid is a 'husky twist' on the original Monkey and retains the smooth richness of the original with the addition of a 'sweeter, darker depth'.

Using Highland peat rather than the more common Island variety, is said to provide a sweetness to Smokey Monkey that makes it delicious neat or with a splash of water.

'Smokey Monkey has the mellow vanilla, spicy and citrus hints of our original liquid, overlaid by a dry smokiness that comes through on the nose and the palate,' master blender Brian Kinsman said.

'Monkey Shoulder fans will both recognise its familiar smooth character and enjoy the exciting new cocktail serves it brings with it.'

Smokey Monkey (40% abv) is said to add a new dimension to signature Monkey Shoulder serves – the Smokey Monkey Old Fashioned, the Smokey Ginger Monkey and the Smokey Monkey Splash - while opening up new opportunities like the Smokey Monkey Penicillin.

'Monkey Shoulder has been steadily growing in popularity around the world, and that’s mostly thanks to our strong relationships with top bartenders,' Joe Petch, Monkey Shoulder’s global brand ambassador, added. 'These are the guys who are at the top of their game and are looking to shake things up offering drinkers something genuinely new and unusual.

'Smokey Monkey has been created largely because leading bartenders from across the world asked us to. We felt it was an opportunity to give something back to those who have supported Monkey Shoulder from the beginning, which is why it’s just for them to start with. We’ve also enjoyed mixing up the world of peated malt – and quite frankly, it needed that.'

Not content with releasing the smoky delight, the team has also introduced the world to the Smoke Injector (pictured). Releasing smoky billows over the final serve, the injector will be available alongside Smokey Monkey from August in selected bars in the UK and France.

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