South Africa ‘needs to move away from cheap and cheerful’ says WOSA head

Chris Losh

Chris Losh

15 September 2017

The Cape’s wine producers are hoping to up their price per bottle in the UK – even if it means lower volumes.

'If I had to pick one or the other, it would be value,' said Wines of South Africa’s communications manager, Maryna Calow.

'We need to get value up. Moving away from cheap and cheerful is the absolute key for us,' she told Imbibe. 'We need to make the consumer and the retailer understand the outstanding £12-15 price offering. Pick up a £15 bottle of South African wine and it’s like getting a £30 bottle of French or Italian.'

There are plans to focus on the regional styles that the country does best: Stellenbosch Cabernets, sparkling wines from Robertson and Chenin Blancs from Breedekloof to name just three.

However, Calow said that a European DO-style system that permits some grape varieties, but outlaws others, was 'not on the cards'.

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