Swift Halves: Susanna Forbes' top new ciders for the summer

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

16 August 2018

Having just polished off her forthcoming cider book The Cider Insider, Imbibe's beer and cider editor Susanna Forbes is back to recommend her top three cider launches of the Summer...


Dudda's Tun, Greenhorn 2017, Kent

One of the new Kentish producers to make their Imbibe Live debut this year was Dudda’s Tun Cider. Greenhorn showcases founder and cidermaker Rob Payne’s fresh, young apples, Katy, Scrumptious and Bramley from Pine Trees Farm. Light, refreshing and clean, there’re no tannins to speak of, but the green tang balances out the fruit sweetness, alongside an enjoyable sparkle. Checkout also Original, his first cider, a still, medium blend of Russet, Cox and Bramley.

5.2 %, £19.80 /12 x 50cl or £48 as 20l BiB, Dudda’s Tun, trade@duddastuncider.com, 01795 886266


BlakStoc, Wild Tree Hoppy Cider, Austria

One of the finds for my cider book, Blakstoc draws on a rich heritage of apple growing in Styria, Austria, but does so with a twist: all its ciders are hopped. This, the original, has Chinook and Centennial in the mix. Better not too chilled, the inherent sweetness balances the lovely ripe apples beautifully with dishes like Goan fish curry or monkfish. Newly landed with Euroboozer, check out others in the range too, including the Quincy Jo & Hops and Buddha’s Hand Lemon Cider.

4.5 %, £44.42/20x33cl bottle or £152.79/30 litre keg; Euroboozer, 01923 263 335, enquiries@euroboozer.co.uk


Oliver’s Fine Perry, At The Hop #8, Herefordshire

Tom Oliver might be back on the road with The Proclaimers (his other day job), but he’s left us with a number of new releases, including this hopped perry. Oliver is renowned as a perry specialist, but this, the latest in his At The Hop series, is the first time he has infused perry with hops. Pear notes partner incredibly well with the floral, peach, tropical flavours of the Simcoe hops. It’s a delicate affair, beautifully constructed and likely to disappear quickly.

5.5%, £40.92/12x50cl bottle, The Fine Cider Company, 07792 616 446


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