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Scholarships launched for people of colour within the US brewing and distilling industries

Renowned Brooklyn Brewery brewmaster Garrett Oliver announced the formation of the Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling (MJF) to help people of colour in, or who wish to join, the brewing and distilling industries.

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Brooklyn Brewery brings Defender IPA to the UK

New York-based Brooklyn Brewery is set to launch its Defender IPA to the UK on-trade at the end of March.Brooklyn Brewery’s legendary brewer Garret Ol

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Get up and go: Brooklyn brewmaster Garrett Oliver in profile

Whether dabbling in wine lees, cask ageing or natural yeasts, there’s always something buzzing away in the famously restless brain of Brooklyn Brewery

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‘Don’t judge breweries on their size,’ says Carlsberg’s VP of craft & speciality Paul Davies

Craft was the star of Carlsberg’s otherwise insipid trading results for the first quarter of 2018, with growth of 30%.