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Long read: What the no- and low-abv category's rise during lockdown means for the on-trade

Retail sales of no- and low-alcohol drinks has risen exponentially during the coronavirus pandemic. What does this mean for the UK pubs, bars and restaurants?

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Brits expecting precautionary measures when pubs reopen

Budweiser Brewing Group UK & Ireland (BBG) has released figures regarding what consumers are expecting of their local based on a recent poll of 2,373 pub-goers.

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UK wine drinkers are drinking more often but spending less per bottle in lockdown

According to a recent report published by Wine Intelligence, British drinkers have expanded their wine occasions during the lockdown, but are now spending less on each bottle they purchase.

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A quarter of UK pub visits now don’t involve alcohol

One-in-four pub visits are now alcohol free but people are still struggling to understand what no and low drinks are on offer in pubs and bars, new research shows.