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Water kefir Agua De Madre launches with an eye to kombucha market

Step aside, kombucha: new drinks brand Agua De Madre has rolled out its water kefir to the UK on-trade, marrying the trend for both low-abv and probio

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Acid nouse: Top bartenders ditch citrus in cocktails for alternative sources of sour

Sick to death of squeezing lemons? Worried about the air miles of your limes? Then it might be time to investigate the world of alternative acidifiers

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Tonics and teas: The latest launches in soft drinks

Looking for a new mixer for your your favourite bottle on the back bar? Want to step up your non-alcoholic offerings and add some #health #inspo to yo

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Hakkasan’s Orchard List re-sets the bar for no-abv drinks

In the past, alcohol-free drinks have tended to be the poor relative to their booze-fuelled counterparts.