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10 disco tracks to pair with disco drinks

As disco drinks are enjoying their time under the mirrorball, Strangers in Paradise’s Damian Williams has chosen 10 disco tracks, paired with Julian de Féral’s pick of 10 cocktails to bring some dancefloor energy to your bar.

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Night-time hospitality industry launches report to save sector

Nightclub, late-night bar, music venue and event space operators are calling on the government to accept reopening plan that has been backed by Institute of Occupational Medicine.

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Music club: Imbibe's all-time favourite drinks songs

We got to thinking about what our most enjoyable, influential or most memorable drinks-related songs are. And here they are – a playlist, hand selected by a jukebox full of Imbibe contributors, as well as a Spotify playlist with songs chosen by you, our readers. Enjoy!