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Imbibe columnist Nate Brown opens new bar

Nebula is a neighbourhood pizza, beer and cocktail joint on the Hackney Road due to open this weekend (Saturday 12 September).

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Nate Brown: Fika, hygge, Ikea-philia: Making the case for the next big thing in whisky

Man, we are loving all things Japanese at the moment. From ramen shops to British Museum exhibitions, Japanese culture is taking over.

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Nate Brown: Bartenders need to step up their product knowledge

In an era of unparalleled choice, writes opinion columnist Nate Brown, the one thing that’s unforgivable in a bartender is ignorance.


Nate Brown v Sly Augustin: Is tiki bad for rum?

We love a strong opinion at Imbibe, and Nate Brown’s recent opinion piece about rum was certainly that.