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Cutting ties: What a no-deal Brexit would mean for the UK wine trade

It’s been knocked off the front pages due to you know what, but a no-deal Brexit would bring huge upheaval for those who bring wines into the UK, says Chris Losh.

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Wine tastings should return, survey finds

A survey launched by a number of UK PR agencies, generic bodies and wine logistics companies to explore the future of trade tastings in the aftermath of the coronavirus lockdown, found that industry professionals are keen for wine tastings to return.

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'I hope we won't be forgotten in the midst of all of this': Graft Wine's Nik Darlington

As doubts remain as of whether more should be done to help wine importers during the coronavirus outbreak, we caught up with Graft Wine's Nik Darlington to help unravel the doubts and assess how the supply chain is dealing with the crisis.