Diageo announces sherry-finished series Talisker Bodega

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

30 April 2018

Swanky hotels and bars with extensive whisky collections, this one's for you: everyone's favourite distillery on Skye has launched a 40yo whisky under a new range called Talisker Bodega.

The new series will celebrate the distillery's historic links – dating back to the 1900s – with the bodegas of Jerez, where Talisker once sourced its casks.

Teaming up with Delgado Zuleta, Talisker has taken 40yo whisky that's been aged in refill casks, and finished it in five Delgado Zuleta casks that previously held the bodega's 40-year-old amontillado sherry.

'This Talisker 40yo is an exquisite single malt Scotch whisky, which captures the age-old relationships with Delgado Zuleta and the high-quality craftsmanship that took place throughout the creation of this rare expression,' said Talisker global brand ambassador Donald Colville. 'We are delighted to launch this as the first of the Talisker Bodega series and the liquid is something that we are extremely proud of.'

'It is a magnificent, lion-hearted old Talisker, rich with the sophistication of age, yet still full of life and retaining the maker's familiar maritime and spicy character.'

Coming out in June, there's only going to be 2,000 bottles, so contact your Diageo rep quick-smart if you want a bottle.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the news that Diageo is creating an Edinburgh-based whisky experience for its whisky distilleries.

£2,750/70cl, 50% abv, Diageo, 020 8978 6000

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