Taps that facilitate draught beer takeways launch in the UK

Jacopo Mazzeo

Jacopo Mazzeo

02 July 2020

Equipment supplier DraftToGo has launched Pegas taps in the UK market to offer bars, pubs and taprooms a faster and more efficient takeaway beer service

Pegas beer taps are designed to make the dispensing process faster compared to standard beer tap dispensing, they prevent the formation of foam, and avoid spillage.

According to the brand, Pegas taps allow the filling of 1-litre take-away glass bottles, plastic bottles or growlers in less than 40 seconds while preserving the beer's freshness.

Indeed, prior to dispensing, bottles are filled with CO2, which removes any oxygen present inside the container. The container is then filled up with foam-free beer, which replaces the CO2 (see picture below).

Pegas taps can be applied to existing bar taps, but are also available as part of a fully set up mobile bar for use on beer gardens or during outdoor events.

For trade enquiries, contact dasha@drafttogo.co.uk or visit drafttogo.co.uk for more information

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