TGI Fridays sets up staff tronc committee to examine tipping policy

Kate Malczewski

Kate Malczewski

02 November 2018

TGI Fridays has established a tronc committee comprised of its staff members to determine how tips paid through customer cards are distributed among the chain’s workers.

The 12-person committee decided to allocate 65% of tips to wait staff and 35% to kitchen and door workers. This policy will come into effect in February.

Staff members will keep cash tips given to them individually, in accordance with the company’s current policy.

To form the committee, members were randomly selected from a pool of applications submitted by staff and first-level managers. Measures were taken to include three members with front-of-house management experience and three with back-of-house management experience, as well as one server, line cook, serving assistant, host, kitchen assistant and bartender.

Moving forward, the committee will meet every six months, with members paid for time spent preparing for and attending the meetings. TGI Fridays cannot interfere with the tronc committee’s decisions or policies.

‘As there are many team members – front- and back-of-house – that contribute to our guests’ Friday's experience, we wanted to put the power back into the hands of our people,’ said Jacqui Mcmanus, TGI Fridays' culture and people development director.

Keen to learn more about tips, troncs and transparency? Read Chris Losh's article on industry tipping policies here.

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