Thatchers Cider hits the road for summer

Jane Ryan

31 May 2018

Somerset cidermaker Thatchers Cider is out on the road this summer as part of its new experiential campaign, bringing to life the Thatchers’ family, farm and cider.

Visiting festivals as well as sporting and public events over the summer, Thatchers’ Vat 12 sampling truck will be offering visitors the brand’s best possible cider experience as part of its ‘What Cider’s Supposed to Taste’ like marketing campaign – bringing Thatchers right into people’s lives this year.

The outdoor campaign includes nationwide billboards and a new ‘Go West’ series running at rail stations between Reading and Bristol while a thermal campaign focusses on Thatchers Haze and the good weather, going live when the temperature hits a perfect British summer’s day.

This is all underpinned by Thatchers’ Hot Air Balloon commercial, being shown nationally on TV throughout the summer.

‘The care and attention that my Great Grandfather put into making his cider well over 100 years ago meant that his farm workers absolutely loved being paid in cider, as was normal at the time! Today, we still put that same passion, care and attention into our blends, starting from the apples in the orchard, marrying traditional methods with today’s advanced technology,’ said fourth generation cidermaker Martin Thatcher.

‘This dedication to quality has meant that our range of ciders are now in increasing demand and people are asking for them in bars and restaurants throughout the UK – they’re loving the taste and really appreciating the provenance of the brand. In fact Thatchers Gold is the fastest selling draught apple cider whilst our cloudy cider Haze has also seen incredible growth,’ Thatcher said.

Always on the look-out for creating a new and exciting cider, Thatchers have used the juice of the Jonagold dessert apple to give Thatchers Haze its all-natural cloudy nature. This is a cider that has a crisp sweet finish, great for summer outdoor eating and other relaxed occasions – tying in perfectly with the outdoor campaign.

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