Hip Hops, the collectible beer card game

Gaëlle Laforest

22 April 2016

Hip Hops is a card game that ticks all the boxes: fun and easy to play, it's also educative and – the ever-important box – comes with a video that's got viral potential.

Let's rewind: at the beginning of 2015, founder Francis Madeira decided to quit his job in digital marketing to do 'something creative'. Inspired by the Top Trumps cards of his childhood and his passion for beer, he created Hip Hops, a collective beer card game.

Each card features one beer, with its name, style and brewery evident, along with its year of creation, abv, hops and bitterness. The aim is to get rid of the card in your hand by playing cards with values that are higher or older than the previous player's. The full rules are available online.

The game was designed to be played in pubs, which we think is a just a great idea: you'll get your customers knowing more about beer and wanting to try different ones – and since it's the community that decides which beers will be next on the cards, you might be able to shape the future of the game to fit your beer list.

The first edition, containing 44 cards, was launched in December last year after a succesful Kickstarter campaign in the spring. The second edition will be out shortly – containing new beers from the likes of St Bernardus, Five Points, Siren Craft, Moor, Paulaner, Weird Beard, Einstök, Lagunitas and Tiny Rebel – taking the number of cards to 250.

You can also choose to stock it and sell it behind the bar, and there's POS material available for that – plus you'll be making a good margin, as they retail at £10 but trade can get 110 packs at £3.35 each, with card display units, shipping and stockist listings all for free.

Local editions for the UK and the USA are planned for the second half of this year, and local-er London- and Yorkshire-focused packs are in the works for 2017.

As for the viral potential... We'll leave you with this:

Hip Hops, 0333 577 9200

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