The East India Company launches first ever spirit

14 November 2016

Upgrading from teas and exotic foods, The East India Company has launched its first spirit, a London dry gin.

In planning since 2007, the company's gin team worked to create a spirit that reflected the company's 400 year trading history, using quality ingredients and exotic botanicals. They used records found in the archives of the British Library, Kew Gardens, Maritime Museum and the V&A for inspiration for the spirit's botanicals and spices.

Since purchasing the company, owner Sanjiv Mehta has been set on rejuvenating the brand, looking to create more luxury products for modern audiences.

'When I took the helm, I set about reawakening a once powerful brand that had lain dormant for 161 years and making it great again. For more than 400 years, The East India Company has held a remarkable connection with people all over the world and its influence can be seen throughout English-speaking society,' said Mehta.

'My vision for it today is one of a contemporary business developing high quality luxury products, including a super-premium spirit.'

'History and quality of flavour are what sets The East India Company London Dry Gin apart; we have taken a classic spirit and redefined it to tell a story about one of the oldest companies in the world,' added commercial director Jamie Walker. 'The East India Company is intrinsically linked to the story and evolution of gin. This rich history and the explosion in the popularity of the drink have been catalysts for the creation of what we deem to be the finest London Dry Gin in the world today.'

The London dry gin launches this month to the on-trade, and will be available in a selection of bars, hotels and restaurants.

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