Tied pub tenants in adjudicator protest march

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

07 March 2017

Tied pub tenants are calling on pub adjudicator Paul Newby to resign from his position for 'failing to implement' the new Pubs Code.

The action is being organised by The Pubs Advisory Service (PAS), which plans to lead a demonstration outside Newby’s offices in Birmingham, on 15 March.

The PAS claims that the code – which came into force in July – is failing to 're-balance the relationship between larger Brewers and their tenants'. Under the code, tied tenants have the option to request to pay a market rent and purchase their beer on the open market.

However, the PAS claim Newby has 'failed to make a single decision on over 100 referrals made to his office on this issue, resulting in tied tenants being forced to give up on the process'.

Chris Wright, founder of PAS said: "The fact that the pubs code has had absolutely no impact on the horror stories we are seeing, seemingly on a daily basis, demonstrates the complete contempt in which our new law is held by the pub companies, showing they have no fear of Paul Newby or the power he is supposed to carry.'

The appointment of Newby – previously a director at the commercial property company Fleurets – was met with controversy when announced in May 2016. PAS says tied tenants will continue to demonstrate their feelings on his appointment until the government accepts the fact that he does not have their support.

PAS also claims the 'continual abuse of tenants' has increased in frequency since the code came into effect.

Trudy Thomas, a Marston’s tenant from Droitwich said: 'I applied for my MRO offer the day after the Pubs Code came into effect and I am no nearer getting there than I was then. Marston’s have put every obstacle in my way and its seems as if Mr Newby is simply letting it happen in the hope that I will give up and go away, and whilst this is dragging on I’m losing money in a pub that should be making me a profit.'

The march with begin at noon on 15 March.

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