Tier 2 Covid measures will be catastrophic for London hospitality, says UKH

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

15 October 2020

UKHospitality (UKH) says Tier 3 job support needs to be extended to businesses in Tier 2 to avoid widespread job losses ‘within weeks’

London, along with Essex, Elmbridge in Surrey, North East Derbyshire, Chesterfield, Erewash, Chesterfield, York and Barrow, will move from Tier 1 ‘medium’ alert to Tier 2 ‘high’ alert on Saturday, it was announced today.

 ‘Being moved into Tier 2 is a curse for businesses,’ said UKH chief executive Kate Nicholls.

‘They will be trapped in a no man’s land of being open, but with severe restrictions that will significantly hit custom, all while unable to access the job support available in Tier 3. It is the worst of both worlds for businesses.

‘Venues in London have already taken a hit due to the dip in inbound tourism and with people increasingly working from home. A move into Tier 2 will now be catastrophic for some of them and it is only going to be made worse by the end of the furlough scheme in under two weeks.

‘The Government must remove employer contributions from the Job Support Scheme for hospitality or apply tier 3 job support to tier 2 businesses. If it does not, we are looking at catastrophic businesses closures and widespread job losses in the capital as early as 1 November.’

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