Tim Martin reacts to Brexit in customer magazine

Claire Dodd

Claire Dodd

29 November 2016

Wetherspoon chairman Tim Martin has labelled anti-Brexit campaigners 'the mouthy few' in a strongly worded and provocative article in the pub chain's in-house customer magazine.

Reacting to recent legal challenges of the upcoming process of leaving the EU and the triggering of Article 50, the pub boss claims the EU is an undemocratic institution.

In a closely run contest, the June vote saw the ‘Leave’ campaign narrowly claim victory against 'Remain' by 52% to 48%.  

Martin said: 'Most people accept the referendum result and this promise from the leaders of the remain side, but a cabal of politicians and elite groups is fighting to overturn the decision – or to water it down so much that we remain subject to most EU laws in future.

'The fascinating question is why these highly educated people are so intent on remaining part of an undemocratic and economically chaotic organisation.

'The evidence of history is that undemocratic organisation, like the EU, eventually make a hast of it, as we’re now seeing in southern Europe. Even so, the desire to take power away from the people and to subvert the referendum result has religious intensity for many non-democrats in our society.'

The news comes after a legal challenge in the High Court found that the government has no legal right to trigger Article 50, without consulting Parliament, as per the terms of the UK’s democratic constitution. This means that MPs would likely get to vote on the terms under which the UK leaves the EU; something which was not set out in the referendum vote. An appeal by the government is due to be heard on December 5.

Meanwhile pro-EU thinktank, British Influence, has said it will launch a judicial review into the government’s assumption that membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) will automatically end after Brexit.

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