Twickenham Fine Ales launches new hop in the UK

31 January 2017

Old Hands is getting new hops, as Twickenham Fine Ales's craft beer arm launches a new variety in the UK.

For its UK debut, the Denali hop variety – airfreighted from the US – will be used to create the latest addition to the Old Hands range, an American pale ale coming in at 5.5%.

With flavours described as 'big and bold', with pineapple, citrus and pine, Denali has until now only been used in beers on a limited trial basis. The launch of the Denali American Pale Ale also sees Old Hands beer launched in cans for the first time.

'We are delighted to be bringing the Denali hop to the UK for this new beer, which we are confident will prove popular and build on our initial success with the Old Hands craft beer range,' said Old Hands' marketing director Ben Norman.

'Twickenham Fine Ales was a forerunner for the use of now-popular American hops, and we're proud to continue pushing brewing boundaries and enhancing the drinking experience for consumers by introducing and brewing unique hops and flavours. Our launch into cans is also an exciting new venture for us, and one we hope will continue our drive to reach new audiences for our beers.'

The Old Hands Denali American Pale Ale is available in 330ml cans and 30L keg formats.

Eebria Trade,

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