Two new flavours from purée pro Funkin

03 March 2016

Funkin can't stop adding crazy new flavours to its purée range. The company's Pro line-up recently received two unusual additions, while the Cocktail Mixer range grew by three.

The two flavours are Pink Guava and Apriconilla Fleur de Sel. The latter probably needs more explanation. This purée combines apricots, vanilla and sea salt, much in the same way that the names of its ingredients have been blended together to give this new addition its name.

It taps into what Funkin has identified as a demand for sweet-and-salty combinations, and is ideal, it says, for a subtle twist on the Bellini.

The rather more self-explanatory Funkin Pro Pink Guava Purée is made with fruit sourced from Brazil. It will be a godsend if you've ever tried to source and store this fragile and elusive tropical fruit. Like the Apriconilla, it comes in cases of five 1kg pouches, which have a 12-month shelf life.

'We are enabling our customers to have access to fresh, exotic fruits year-round,' said Funkin managing director Andrew King. 'These unique and tropical flavours will spark bartenders’ creativity and enable them to develop new and innovative cocktails. Innovation is at the heart of every new product we launch and these new purées will deliver sales in the on-trade at a time when consumer demand for fruity and unique cocktails continues to grow.'

Funkin also announced the introduction of three new cocktail mixers today, namely Raspberry Mojito, Elderflower Collins and Sour Mix. The latter consists of Sicilian lemons, Persian limes from Mexico, cane sugar and egg white. Just add bourbon. Or any other spirit, really.

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