UK hard seltzer movement grows with launch of Sparkl

Millie Milliken

Millie Milliken

01 June 2020

The new brand, currently stocked in Morrisons, is ready to launch in bars, pubs and restaurants when they reopen

Sparkl Hard Seltzer joins the likes of US-favourite White Claw and BrewDog in a growing UK thirst for the alcoholic sparkling water category.

Naturally flavoured, Sparkl's new product comes in two flavours – Peach & Rose, and Lemon, Ginger & Chilli, with more flavours set to be released later this year. Both come in at 4% abv and just 80 calories per 330ml.

Unlike a lot of hard seltzers, which come in a canned format, Sparkl is packaged in transparent, glass bottles to allow consumers to see the liquid.

Sparkl founder Stephen O’Neill believes it is crucial for bars to have a hard seltzer offering when they reopen to offer their guests with a 'healthier' drink alternative. 'It is low calorie, low carb, gluten free, naturally flavoured, with no added sugar. On top of all of these fantastic benefits, its biggest asset is its exceptional taste and we have worked hard to create flavour combinations that are capable of appealing to a large market,' he said. 'At a time when we are thinking more about our health than ever before, we believe consumers will be drawn to the idea of cleaner drinking – and Sparkl delivers just that.'

Sparkl is suggested to be served on its own, over ice in a balloon glass, although it can also be used as a cocktail mixer.

RRP £30/12x330ml bottles,

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