US-inspired craft soft drink Soda Folk launches

Gaëlle Laforest

19 August 2015

It's inspired by the States, it's craft and it comes in a can... Guessed beer? Wrong – Soda Folk's a soft drink brand that's just launched its first two products.

Colorado native, and now London-based Ken Graham is behind the company, which he created to bring the root beers of his childhood over here – you can't find many in the UK as the FSA regulations on additives mean a lot of the US-produced drinks can't be imported to the UK.

Naturally then, there's a root beer in the range, made with pure cane sugar, aged vanilla extract, pure maple syrup and water. Also available is a cream soda that uses Madagascan vanilla. A third flavour, black cherry, will be launched later on, and the range is expected to grow further.

And since we know packaging is of real importance to customers these days, it's worth noting the cool and handmade-like design of the cans.

A good one for the ever growing number of American venues who've got floats on their menus.

£1.30/330ml can, Soda Folk, 07765 343 933


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