Vestal Vodka joins Halewood and releases 2015 vintage

Robyn Black

Robyn Black

31 January 2020

UK distributor Halewood has taken a 48% share in the Polish vodka firm to cash in on what it predicts is a coming vodka revival

Vestal Vodka was set up in 2011 by William Borrell, who has a family farm in the Kaszubia region of Poland, to create a craft vodka brand using traditional potato varieties. Halewood says the deal marks the ‘joining together of two innovative family drinks firms’ and is intended to build on its focus on artisanal spirits that generated a 15% increase in pre-tax profits for the firm in 2019.

The vodka is sold by vintage, as each year is determined by the type of potatoes used and their provenance, and the new partnership is being marked by the launch of Vestal Vodka 2015.

Borrell said this vintage has had the longest known ‘rest’ period for any vodka – four years – which allows for the smoothing out of the harsher elements of distillation.

He describes the resultant vodka as, 'creamy and buttery with earthy spices and a delicate fruit aroma – with a soft and pleasant finish, complete with warming nutmeg and white pepper notes'. 

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