Veuve Clicquot investing in two new wineries

Julie Sheppard

Julie Sheppard

06 January 2017

Champagne house Veuve Clicquot will be opening two new wineries in the next two years, with the aim of increasing its production capacity by around 20%. 'Veuve Clicquot is investing heavily in rosé production, as consumption of rosé champagne globally is growing by around 4%,' explained Lucy Warren, champagne ambassador for Moët Hennessy UK.

Speaking at a portfolio tasting of Moët Hennessy's rosé champagnes, Warner confirmed that one new Veuve Clicquot winery will open next year in the Aube, while a second opening is planned for the following year in the west of the Champagne region.

Veuve Clicquot is currently the second-largest vineyard owner in Champagne, with 383 hectares of vines, behind Moët & Chandon, which owns 1,190ha. In addition Veuve buys in around 85% of its grapes from growers.

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