Vintage Roots takes on organic Creencias tequila

Gaëlle Laforest

21 August 2015

Organic distributor Vintage Roots has taken on Creencias, an organic tequila brand hailing from Jalisco.

Creencias is a family-run business that's been going since 1920, and two of its expressions are on their way to us: an unoaked blanco and a reposado that's aged eight to 10 months in new American white oak, described by the company as smooth, with vanilla, pear and toffee notes. Both clock in at 38% abv.

Not only is the liquid organic, the bottles are also made using recycled glass, and agave is used to make the twine that decorates the bottles.

Expect the first bottles over here in October.

Blanco: £23/75cl, reposado: £35/75cl, Vintage Roots, 01189 225100

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