Vype talks 'multi-dimensional experience' and introduces the Pebble

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

02 August 2017

The Vype team was out in full force at this year’s Imbibe Live with its full range of products and e-liquids.

Specific for the show, Vype asked award-winning mixologist Ash Straney, general manager at the Four Sisters Bar, to delight visitors with cocktail pairings, designed to match each of the Vype flavours. The pairings were made after carefully analysing each flavour and its distinctive notes, in order to craft a smooth experience.

‘Flavour is more complex than just taste. It’s a multi-dimensional experience,’ says Montserrat Sanchez, Vype flavour expert.

‘That’s why we use a flavour wheel approach – similar to that used 
by mixologists – to craft distinctive and layered flavours that include all the different aroma territories (fruit, oral, etc) but also cover the main taste and feeling sensorial descriptors. This helps us provide more delicious, diverse and complex flavour profiles.'

Introducing the Pebble
Vype’s small and mighty Pebble is a game-changer for the fast-moving vaping category, thanks to 
its striking minimalist design, ergonomic shape and ease of use.

Small enough to
 be discreet, with the choice of five vibrant colours, it represents nothing less than the creation of a whole new class of vaping product, and crucially combines a smooth vape with a powerful flavour sensation.

The Vype Pebble also features the Vype quality hallmark, a promise to users about the extensive science and testing that goes into creating all of Vype’s products in order to meet the strictest quality standards.

British American Tobacco (BAT) has been at the forefront of the vaping revolution, working with top flavour experts and scientists to develop their product range. This pioneering spirit makes Vype the brand of choice for adult consumers seeking new, quality vaping experiences.

As the e-cigarette category continues
 to evolve, BAT recommends that vendors everywhere stock a wide range 
of products involving both open and closed systems to meet the changing needs of vapers.

For more info on Pebble and other Vype products, visit

STRAWBERRY SMASH (Strawberry Clover Club) - This flavour introduces a delicious fusion of juicy strawberry mixed with a perfect balance of a fresh green harvest, accentuated with vanilla sweetness.

‘When creating Strawberry Smash, we wanted you to discover the taste that brings back the moment when you first indulged in a freshly-picked ripe summer strawberries,’ Sanchez says. ‘We crafted our flavour with just the right amount of PG and VG, to make the flavour standout and deliver a satisfying and consistent vaping experience.’

FRESH APPLE (Delicious Sour)- This tangy offering has juicy notes of green apples and is balanced with a mild sweetness and subtle hint of cool mint leaves. There’s a balanced zingy-sweetness, capturing an authentic taste of crisp green apples with refreshing mint undertones.

PEACH SWIRL (Californication) - A blend of luscious white peach with nuances of ripe apricots and rich vanilla. A delicate balance of creamy and velvety summer fruits with the addition of fragrant floral notes.

GOLDEN TOBACCO (Smoked Old Fashioned) - The team says a big challenge is to provide a more authentic tobacco taste, 'unlike anything our customers have experienced before'. This blend of tobacco flavour is inspired by ripe golden tobacco leafs. It's smooth and complex, providing a hint of sweet caramel with nutty undertones.

CRISP MINT (South Side Royale)- The mint is cool and refreshing with subtle notes of fresh mint leaves.

HONEYDEW MELON (Japanese Slipper) - This flavour gives you the best of both worlds: A blend of sweet juicy honeydew, with a twist of cantaloupe. You’ll pick up the slightest hint of menthol.

BLENDED TOBACCO (Mezcal Negroni) - When you think of tobacco, it often brings your palate to a world of toasted notes and cured classic tobacco leaves. With this flavour you can expect a hint of roasted toffee, balanced sweetness and oaky woody aromas.

INFUSED VANILLA (Head Banger) - This vanilla blend has sweet creamy and fudgy caramel undertones. Warm and velvety, this rich flavour delights in the delicate vanilla aromas.

DARK CHERRY (Blood & Sand) - A mix of cherries, blackcurrants and dark berries to complement each other.

WILD BERRIES  (Bramble) - This tantalising wildberries flavour creation is the perfect blend of vibrant forest-berries and aromatic sweetness. There is a variety of juicy ripe berries with a gentle touch of vanilla and cream notes.







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