Welcome to 2017! Imbibe's predictions

Imbibe Editorial

Imbibe Editorial

04 January 2017

Thinking of hibernating for the next 12 months, but worried you’ll be out of the loop? Don't worry – the Imbibe team is here to tell you EXACTLY what’s going to keep us all awake at night, so you can sleep in peace

In a bid to revive London’s ailing on-trade, Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Night Czar open their own superclub in Elephant and Castle.

After craft beer and craft cider, the world gets ready for craft Smirnoff Ice.

Eggplant becomes the year’s must-use ingredient. British drinkers learn to love the Aubergine-a Colada.

AB InBev decides to quit with the nice guy image and buys every other brewery in existence.

The world's first virtual reality cocktail bar opens in Oldham. Drinkers are able to enjoy craft cocktails while pretending they're somewhere else.

Health-conscious millennials go crazy for non-alcoholic vodka at £50 a bottle. An Imbibe tasting reveals that it tastes suspiciously like water…

Boom-ingham’s bar and restaurant scene gives birth to a new cocktail craze: the Brum and Coke.

Riesling becomes the next big thing*

Hipsters latch onto Lambrusco and drink it in a totally non-ironic post-modern way.

Bars and restaurants start demanding image rights for their dishes and cocktails. Millennials have to subscribe to 'Justbloodyeatit' and pay a fee before sharing pictures.

Health labelling comes in on wine lists and cocktail menus, with compulsory abv and calorie information. The Surgeon General describes the Mojito as 'suicide in a glass'.

Sherry becomes the next big thing*

Manchester fails yet again to get a Michelin star…

Research reveals that one in four habitable structures in London contains either a brewery or a distillery. Or both.

*Actually it doesn't

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