'We’ve not reached peak gin yet,' - Monkey 47 founder

Laura Foster

Laura Foster

12 December 2016

With so many new product launches every week, let alone month, there have been debates around whether the drinks industry has reached peak gin for a while now.

Monkey 47 Gin founder Alex Stein thinks that things are going to continue to grow for some time yet, but there are pitfalls to beware of.

'I think the gin trend will continue,' he said exclusively to Imbibe. 'We’ll have more gins to come and we'll reach a point where people will get fed up with having nicely designed products that don't taste very good.

'It’s a little bit out of balance. Everything right now is super-ultra, super-mega. People are tricked by packaging. This isn't a good development, because people will get fed up. You have to give a product soul, or else it's not going to work.'

Stein suspects that this current trend is a result of people changing careers to the drinks industry with questionable motivations: 'We have all these people with mid-life crises who've just decided to do this right now. If you're just doing something for money, go to an investment bank.'

As it is, the founder of the German gin from the Black Forest is continuing to produce his gin made with 47 botanicals, and has also revealed that he's been working on a perfume for the last two years.

'We've got a lot of essential oils, and I've been collecting them,' he says. 'I don't like to throw things away. You end up with lots of essential oils which the perfume industry would pay a fortune for, so I thought I'd do something with it. So it's really Monkey 47 in a concentrated way, but it's not ready yet.'

Watch this space…

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